A little about us.


At present Cumo Apparel designs and sells custom T-shirts, Golf Shirts and Athletic Wear.
We have designs ready for jackets, trousers, hats, shirts, ties, bags and umbrellas which we hope to be adding to the line in the near future.
Our mantra is Quality + Humour because we believe that there should be no reason to have one or the other. 
If you can't laugh in life (and at life) then it would be a very dull world.
We would like to put a smile on your face while being proud to wear a quality product.
The (sometimes) subtle humor in our work means that our clothes can be worn to almost any occasion.
Our designs are motivational, aspirational, suggestive, funny or just plain weird.
Our T-shirts for example are sourced using organic, recycled or locally produced materials wherever possible. 
Most of our printing is water based and we always aim for a soft, comfortable, quality feel to our garments.


Throughout my time in England I was lucky to be part of a group of very creative artists and craftspeople.
We all kept sketch books and scraps of paper with ideas for future projects.
Since moving to the USA I am now able to bring some of these ideas to life.
Blending a British and American sense of humor can lead to many questions and puzzled looks.
Try telling a British person that you have fallen on your fanny or an American that you have just eaten spotted dick and you will get some very quizzical looks (or sent out of the room!)


There are many other items we want to add to the line such as bags,accessories etc. and our product range will be continually (r)evolving.
We are aiming to bring the actual garment production in-house and have facilities to prototype new products on site.
As fashions and colors change over time we will be right there (or at least just to the side).

A sense of humor may evolve but it never goes away.

Thank you
Stefan Speck